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Mohamed Salah

Head of Litigation department

Mohamed Salah is a litigation counsel who “fueled” the clients with sheer legal cognizance. The clients have confidence and are persuasive in his close attention to their requirements, and performance objectives and provide them with solid defense advisers.

Areas of expertise & specialization:

Since joining Mohamed Nasser law firm 10 years ago, Salah dealt with many types of clients, representing administrative, military, maritime law & claims, representing small enterprises, private individuals, Cairo Chamber of Commerce, GAFI, real estate department, Egyptian Tax Authority, NOSI, and civil claims make up the majority of his business.

Career Highlights & Success Stories:

  • Art of writing more than 100 cassation claims.
  • Experience in Oral Arguments before criminal, misdemeanor, civil and commercial courts.
  • land registry for 125 acres in Off-Road, in favor of the registered company “EgyLand” in less than a month albeit the presence of foreigners, which was a short period of time.
  • Working on blackmailed and cyber fraud claims.
  • Collaboration with an investigation’s coworker in a murder claim as the verdict has been issued to innocent the defendant.
  • Worked on International Commercial Arbitration Cases issued by Association of Maritime Arbitrators, London as the procedure was accomplished by consigning it in Egypt and annotated with the execution form in favor of our client “Pan Marine Petroleum Services FZ”.
  • Dispute abatement for 80 acres in “El Beheira Governorate” and evict the tenants from the land plot.
  • Extensive experience in Egyptian’s Maritime Trade Law and applying precautionary or execution seizure on some sailing ships in petroleum field and Merchant shipping including a vessel navigating under a state of “Panama’s flag”, however, a cautionary order has been yielded in favor of “Pan Marine Petroleum Services”.
  • Wind-up tenure disputes, quiet title action, commercial claims, and bankruptcy petitions.
  • Participation with the defense team in the case known as the “Fairmount case” for a certain accused.
  • Spacious experience in securities and stock market claims.


Salah graduated with a Bachelor of Laws – from Cairo University class of 2009, he was a member of the Egyptian Bar Association and Arab Lawyers’ Union in the same year.

  • Registered as high appeal and state council lawyer.
  • Masters in Criminal Sciences – Helwan University in 2016.
  • Private law diploma – Helwan University in 2015.
  • Egyptian Exchange Course from Lepon Brokerage and Securities Trading Company.
  • International Commercial Arbitration Course from the International Academy of Arbitration for Arab Consultants.