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Doha Ahmed

Business Development Director

She is a “Trailblazer” with a keen eye and open-mindedness to exploring the new markets across MENA and Europe. Doha Ahmed has over 12 years of experience with elite businesses corporation.

Doha’s excellent interpersonal, management skills, and social intelligence, highlight her valuable assemblage triumph for major firms across MENA.

She is a charismatic, goal-oriented leader who is dedicated to expanding business opportunities and the victor for both individual and organizational progress.

Areas of expertise & specialization:

Doha Ahmed has successfully clinched over 100 deals for numerous top-notch names & companies in GCC and Egypt with total revenue exceeding USD 100 million.

In order for small businesses and startups to establish a grip and presence through the aggressive growing market and M&A activities, Doha is able to implement, unveil, and invent “strategic plans“.

Her high-level, objective analysis of funding and other financial status, enables project completion within the parameters of the established “Return on Investment” ROI targets.

Career Highlights & Success Stories:

In addition to her role as a director, Doha demonstrates vast expertise gained from working with all corporate levels, generating vital and high-level development coordination and practical solutions needed for the management of various commercial ventures.

She is drawn to the establishment of a distinctive business environment that makes certain that each development meets or exceeds the project’s financial objectives.

She is a superb strategic planner with strong empirical reasoning and analytical skills. She worked as a project executive for one of the lead Groups in UAE, from 2018 to 2019 and throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, where she negotiated contracts, assured all company engagements complied with government rules, provided leadership and team support, and in particular, managed the main construction projects of the Group with a total revenue $10 M.


She graduated with a bachelor of Business & Marketing School from ESIC Valencia, Spain – class 2008 with a diploma in Quality & Quantity Construction Management.

She speaks more than one language, including Arabic, English, Spanish, and French.