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  • Pan Marine Group, one of the largest companies group in the fields of petroleum, shipping services and logistics, with numerous services globally.
  • Rawabi Holding, owning a number of companies that operates in the field of offshore services, oil and gas, and contracting and industrial services.
  • Rawabi Specialized Contracting, a leading industrial player providing a range of high-quality specialized construction services to the public and private sectors of KSA and worldwide.
  • Rijk Zwaan, the world’s 4th largest vegetable breeding company, which operates in developing new vegetable varieties and selling the seeds produced from them worldwide.
  • L.O.C Egypt, is the premier international marine and engineering consulting firm which operates in the shipping, oil & gas and renewable energy sectors, providing loss prevention, loss management and marine and engineering consultancy services for customers all over the world.
  • OFOK Real Estate, a group of companies with more than 15 years of experience in the field of real estate marketing in Egypt in both residential and touristic projects in new cities of Egypt.
  • Aqua Top, a pioneering company in the Egyptian market operating in the field of bathroom furnishing with a special and unique vision for creativity and upscale concepts fulfilling the needs of a very niche target market of the Egyptian and Arab communities.