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Foreign Direct Investment Reporting

الاستثمار المباشر الأجنبي - Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign investment refers to the investment made by individuals, businesses, or governmental agencies from one country into assets or projects located in another country. Such investment plays a crucial role in the global economy. The primary objective of foreign investment is to gain a financial return, acquire assets, or participate in the economic activities of the host country....

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Donation Contract

عقد الهبة - Donation contract

The Legislator defines the Donation in the Egyptian Civil Law as, a donation to others without money or with money for the benefit of others, and is a contract according to which the donor disposes of his property without consideration....

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The Electronic contract

Electronic contract - العقد الالكتروني

An electronic contract is an agreement made online that creates a mutual obligation between two parties and is enforceable under certain legal requirements. It is an agreement between two individuals or companies to create a binding mutual obligation that must include certain essential elements to be enforceable...

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