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electronic payment - المدفوعات الالكترونية

Non-cash payment methods mean payment methods that result in an addition to one of the beneficiary’s bank accounts, such as deposit, transfer, and debit orders, credit and debit cards, payment using a mobile phone, or other methods approved by the Governor of the Central Bank....

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Company’s Ledgers

دفاتر الشركات - Company Ledgers

These Ledgers are considered as comprehensive records of every debit and credit transaction throughout the company's existence. The ledgers must be held physically by the company to enter all the data and information manually in handwriting....

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One person company (OPC)

One person company

Companies with diverse legal structures are the basis of economic and financial systems, as companies helps the economic and commercial growth in countries considering that the economic and financial conditions in many countries can be significantly impacted by the activities of these companies. ...

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The Shareholders’ Rights

حقوق المساهمين - Shareholders’ rights

The shareholders’ rights in companies are numerous in accordance with Law No. 159 of 1981 and its executive regulations and Law No. 72 of 2017. The law has guaranteed these rights protection by some measures through several rights that the legislator has maintained to ensure that all shareholders receive equal justice in companies....

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Green Hydrogen in Egypt

الهيدروجين الأخضر في مصر - green hydrogen in Egypt

For the past years, Egypt has shown interest in developing the production of energy from environmentally friendly sources. The government aims to use its vast renewable energy resources, particularly solar and wind, to produce green hydrogen....

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Digital Banks

البنوك الرقمية - digital banks

Banks that provide banking services through digital channels or platforms using modern technologies. This technology began to be experimentally applied to banks since 1980 and gradually developed throughout the world until the number of digital banks worldwide reached more than 400 digital banks....

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