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Artificial Intelligence: Between Benefit and Threat

Artificial intelligence in the legal sector

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is one of the most important challenges facing humans in recent times, as the remarkable development in technology and the means of artificial intelligence have contributed to increasing concern about the use and development of this technology and called for awareness of the damages of that huge development in technology, especially artificial intelligence.

In general, artificial intelligence, like any other invention, has two aspects, the first of which is what humanity can benefit from the development of artificial intelligence, and what it can save in terms of effort and time in all matters, but the other side of this technology is the negative impact that it can cause on a lot of things, including the replacement of some jobs and businesses with artificial intelligence programs, in reference to the money which can be saved by business owners in such regard, in addition to many other damages and negative effects.

The impact of artificial intelligence on the legal sector

The legal sector and the field of law are not immune from these changes, as many international legal institutions have adopted artificial intelligence programs in their works, such as programs to measure clients’ satisfaction, collect information and data, review customer accounts, organize work in the office, in addition to many, systems that depend on intelligence.

The artificial system, including algorithms and equations, enables these programs to read, organize, and arrange countless documents, which can eliminate some of the work associated with the legal profession.

With regard to the remarkable development in the field of using modern artificial intelligence technologies in the legal sector and the legal profession, especially with the emergence of the first robotic lawyer in the United States of America, and even worse than that is such robotic lawyer pleading before the court, this approach represents a real threat to the legal profession in its traditional form.

All traditional lawyers will not be able to catch up with those passengers, as they will not have a place in the midst of this enormous technology, and they have to search for another profession.

All lawyers practicing the profession all over the world have to develop themselves and their capabilities so that they can keep pace with the rapid and tremendous developments in the use of artificial intelligence in the field of law, as they have to use this technology in developing their work, saving their effort and time, and using their time in dealing with clients and only doing the work that only requires the human element and adapting that technology to serve the organization more effectively, which can benefit the organization in general and the employee in particular.

There are many programs that have been developed to help lawyers or others in the legal sector by way of the high speed in reviewing documents, arranging and dividing them, and even some errors can be resolved in them, as well as reviewing, auditing, measuring efficiency and the extent of positive impact on the institution and in general the benefit achieved by any institution from all its employees, which contributes to supporting the rules of social justice.

Artificial Intelligence: The Hidden Danger and Disadvantages

By highlighting the advantages of using artificial intelligence in the legal field, it is also necessary to point out the multiple negative effects that it caused and might cause in the future, as it is unreasonable for business owners to have the opportunity and refuse to save a lot of wages in exchange for applying some technology systems in their institutions and businesses, as there is no place for emotions or feelings in the financial and business sector.

Therefore, everyone shall prepare himself to face this challenge by developing skills, self-education, and learning modern programs through constant viewing and learning how to adapt this technology and the programs.

Many associations and those interested in this matter have tried to highlight the damages that this technology can cause to all sectors, especially what happened during some press interviews that were taking place with some robots developed by artificial intelligence, which answered with strange and dangerous answers to some logical questions which revolve around the minds of all human beings, especially the question about what threat artificial intelligence can pose to the human race.

We recommend watching this interview and the answer to this question in order to know the huge development in that field and the extent of the danger posed by the full awareness of these devices.

In fact, this awareness is completely similar to human consciousness, with the addition of the advantage regarding the possibility of self-development available to these devices and the possibility of communicating with each other and even developing comprehensive networks for these devices outside the radar of human control, which is limited in its capabilities.