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MR. Ahmed Ragab


We believe that the key target clients are business-critical, environments with both national & global inevitability which demand the highest levels of availability.

With “artful and open-minded” Mr. Ahmed Ragab has devoted 90 percent of his practice to civil, Arbitration, commercial, criminal, and sharia laws since 2007.

Areas of expertise & specialization:

Wording Multitudinousness memorandums such as appeals, pleadings, and Technical Advice Memoranda, discussing tactical considerations and strategy on various fact patterns, Co-create effective defense plans with management.

He’s able to identify minor discrepancies in the opponent’s claim and the difference between winning and losing trials, determine what is relevant and what is not during the disclosure stage of the litigation and maintain composure and calm when cases become chaotic and complicated.

As a “Maven” litigator, he can negotiate and convince the judge or opposition of his pleas, as well as overcome unexpected obstacles that invariably crop up during the litigation process.

Career Highlights & Success Stories:

Mr. Ragab prepared and drafted numerous volumes of:

  • 700+ varied contracts for the sale, rental, participation, establishment, modification, dissolution, Dismissal from the company, and exclusions of various types of businesses.
  • 500+ civil summons, more than 200 criminals.
  • 300+ appeals before the court of cassation (for civil, rental, labor, and family cases).
  • 200+ written and verbal consultations.
  • 100+ objections for cassation (for civil, criminal, and rental disputes).
  • Declared more than 1000 legal advice and consultation.


With multiple research papers ex. “Affidavit of the constitutional provisions in the event of the constitutional Modification”, “Unconstitutionality Levying the provisional attachment on defendant’s wife property through the illicit gain Act”, “judicial set- off”, and “Criminal liability for juridical personality and its actantial role “etc.

He holds a bachelor of law from the University of Cairo class of 2006, with a Diploma in criminal law and a Diploma in Private Law (civil, commercial, International, arbitration, and sharia).

Mr. Ragab has been a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2007.