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Real Estate LawWe have the most specialized team of real estate attorneys for all real estate related matters; boasting broad experience in all registration procedures covering all authentication offices in all governorates throughout Egypt. We have handled hundreds of real estate transactions to our clients including all phases of the purchase, sale, leasing, and registration of lands, buildings, offices, and residences.

We supported our clients to recover their real property which had been fraudulently acquired by other parties as well. This includes the forensic search for the original title documentation, identifying the recovery process, successfully litigating the ownership, and finalizing the formal registration of the confirmed deeds of ownership with the competent Real Estate Authorities.

We handled the registration process of Rabia Company at Sonbol City, which was one of the most important registrations performed by our side as in accordance with a complaint filed by us because of prohibiting the registration of the property to our client, the government issued a decree with regards to Egyptian companies owned by foreigners, which stated that any Egyptian legal persons shall have the right to own any areas of properties in Egypt without the necessity to obtain any prior approvals from any governmental authority regardless of the percentages of foreigners’ shares in the company even if it was fully owned by foreigners. Accordingly, the prohibition was eliminated and our complaint was the main reason for the government’s new decree.


Real Estate Success Stories


  • We registered a plot of land in the name of Al Ahram for Real Estate and Tourism Development, where a contract was established by the Giza Governorate to the company yet the registration was prohibited with regards to the properties determined in the contract thereafter. We filed a claim against the Governorate and obtained a final court decision stating the availability to register the land in the name of the company.
  • We handled the registration process of Ofok Compound of 500 acres on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. We put the authorized partition scheme of the whole compound, by the Governorate to be considered as a residential – agricultural project. We have also registered the properties to all the owners thereafter and obtained the required approvals with regards to the desert lands.
  • We registered an agricultural land in Hosh Eissa, El Beheira Governorate of 80 acres to its rightful owners and repossess the land thereto after it had been seized by the lessees for years.
  • We handled a case for Egypt Orimix Concrete, where there was a dispute regarding 26 concrete mixers at the Customs Authority which were restricted and not to be disposed. We succeeded in eliminating the restriction and obtaining the required approvals for selling thereof.