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Our teamLABOR AND EMPLOYMENT has high expertise in all related matters with regard to the employer-employee relationship. Such experience includes all phases starting from negotiating and drafting of employment contracts, reviewing thereof in accordance with the Egyptian Labor Law, insurance procedures including the submission and extraction of employees at the Egyptian General Organization of Social Insurance, extracting work permits for foreign employees, performing internal administrative investigations for employees in cases of violations and any other matters that may appear with regards to the employment relationship.

We also provide our clients with consultations with regards to any disputes that may arise between the employer and employee, represent them before disciplinary boards and courts, and handle all stages of labor lawsuits.

We have filed a number of lawsuits representing the employees claiming with their entitlements resulting from arbitrary dismissal and managed to obtain several court decisions of compensation in favor of the employees; given that the Egyptian Labor Law is free from any provisions stating the right of employees to be assigned back to work after arbitrary dismissals.

For corporations that wish to venture into a new market having the correct information is vital. We inform our clients about the country’s labor law, including working hours per day, minimum wage, paid vacations, maximum working hours allowed, annual leaves, and much more, in order for them to operate correctly in the new market, be competitive, and to ensure they have a professional work environment which is in the benefit of both the company and the employees.

We have also represented a number of companies in various labor lawsuits resulting in obtaining court decisions in favor of our clients and not being obliged with any compensation amounts, all within the ethical frame that does not compensate integrity or harming rightful employees.