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Dispute Resolution


Dispute ResolutionWe have a high-profile litigation team boasting high technical expertise and specialization in all types of lawsuits ranging from small claims to large corporation disputes.

We provide our clients with strategic insight and practical solutions to resolve disputes as quickly and effectively as possible. Our approach is to give our clients all the information on the lawsuit, including resolving conflict, types of disputes, alternative dispute resolution, conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation and arbitration, the process of resolving, and the method of dispute resolution. In addition to offering legal consultations and advice on disputes, our law firm also represents its clients in all aspects and stages of litigation.

We have handled hundreds of complicated cases before all types and grades of courts including the Egyptian Economic Court.

Our aim is to solve the disputes pursuant to our clients’ strategic interests. Accordingly, we have represented our clients in several mediation cases in which we managed to solve the dispute amicably before reaching the litigation or arbitration processes.

We have implemented a number of arbitration awards here in Egypt


Previous judicial success stories


  • In civil lawsuits, there was a dispute regarding property of our client, who was a foreigner, where he delivered the original deeds (3 contracts “the chain of ownership”) to a trusted party, who modified two of the deeds; which resulted in the opponent’s challenging the validity of those two contracts by filing a fraud lawsuit against our client. The competent authority decided that the two contracts were forged. After that, we modified our defense strategy in order to harmonize between the proof of our client’s ownership of the property and taking safety measures for suspicion removal of fraud which was established in papers. We put a plan which aim was proving our client’s ownership by possession for more than 15 years and at the same time prolonging the civil aspect of the dispute which resulted in the abatement of action of the criminal claim of fraud. We won the case and the decision was made in favor of our client’s ownership of the property and his innocence from the fraud crime.
  • Another case was terminating a lease agreement, which was established in the 50s, and eviction of the residents, who were residing illegally, by having a court decision and implanting thereof in a period of two years, which is considered record-breaking in regards to lease contracts which are subject to the exceptional laws of Egypt.
  • In family lawsuits, we have managed to obtain a court decision terminating a marriage relationship in accordance with the wife’s sole claim for abdicative divorce in a period of 30 days only which is considered  record-breaking in comparison to similar cases.
  • We succeeded in obtaining a court decision in favor of our client, a prominent glass company, stating a suspended sentence of penalty EGP 1,000 only in a misdemeanor of violating the Egyptian Environmental Law, although the maximum penalty established by law is EGP 1,000,000.
  • We managed to modify a criminal order issued with regards to a violation of Customs Law against our client, a Joint Stock company, from the confiscation of goods of value EGP 1,000,000 to a suspended sentence of penalty EGP 1,000 only; through the plea of unconstitutionality of the Egyptian Customs Law with regards to not stating the necessity of the legal representative’s assured knowledge.
  • In administrative lawsuits, we succeeded in obtaining a court decision in a disciplinary claim filed by a governmental authority against our client, an employee, with his innocence from the administrative contravention attributed thereto.
  • We have also managed to cancel the reservation held by a governmental authority on our client as a result of an unconsolidated debt and to release his funds which were under reservation in banks.